Troubleshoot Xfinity Remote Not Working Quickly

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8 Efficient Solutions To Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working

Xfinity is known as one of the best and most popular smart TV set-top boxes. It features numerous video streaming services and other popular applications. As for any other smart tv, a remote is equally necessary for its working.

However, you may confront issues with the set-top box or the remote at a certain point. There are various reasons why Xfinity remote stops working or faces troubles. Regardless there are several ways to resolve the same, be it software or hardware reasons.

Why Is Xfinity Remote Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your Xfinity remote is not working. Different manufacturers use different IR signals to transmit instructions, like changing the volume or channel.

As a consequence, you should program your remote to send signals that correspond to the signals designed to work with the TV. It basically entails entering the codes which recognize the TV’s brand.

If the remote is not suitably programmed, the TV will be unable to understand the commands sent by the remote. There is a possibility that your remote has been physically damaged. This denotes an issue with the hardware, that is likely the reason of the remote’s malfunction.

Your remote may also be inoperable because of the lack of working or dead batteries. Even if you effectively program and try connecting the remote, your Xfinity remote will not function if the remote batteries are dead.

How do I Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working?

  1. Do A System Reboot
  2. Change The Batteries
  3. Pair The Xfinity Remote Again
  4. Examine For Physical Damage
  5. Factory Reset
  6. Reset Your Xfinity Box
  7. Remove Other Remotes And Devices
  8. Consult Xfinity Live Support For Help With The Next Steps

1. Do A System Reboot

The Xfinity devices, like smartphones and computers, may have an issue in the background code, or one of the apps may cause a fatal error, preventing the remote from functioning.

Xfinity suggests restarting your Xfinity device to begin the operating system and apps from scratch. However, this is extremely easy. While your Xfinity device is turned on, you will only have to remove plug of it.

Please wait for a few moment before plugging it back in. It’s usually secure to unplug it after turning it off at the wall. You can, although, pull the power cord from the back of your Xfinity device. Then, you will have to plug it back in simply like a phone.

2. Change The Batteries

Your battery would have died if the remote does not respond and has no LED lights. You can easily fix this issue by changing the batteries with a new set.

If you press a remote button and a red light flashes five times, the batteries are low, and you will have to change them. In few circumstances, changing the battery can solve the issue even if the remote does not indicate any flashing light. It is also an excellent idea to clean the compartment of the battery.

Buttons can become stuck for several reasons, the most common of which is dust, debris, or spillage. Remove the batteries from an Xfinity remote and mash the entire buttons to clean the remote. Shaking or tapping the remote against your hand can also assist you take out the batteries.

Apart from this, hold the power button for nearly 30 seconds while the batteries are removed. Change the batteries and test the remote button. Ocassionally, you may need to repeat the procedure several times for it to work.

3. Pair The Xfinity Remote Again

After you’ve reset the remote, you should program and fix it. If your remote is a little older, use the link above to the page on the official Xfinity website to download the owner’s manual for your particular device. It depicts each device and comprises a link to an online version of the owner’s manual

4. Check For Physical Damage

One of the most common reasons of the remotes of the Xfinity model not working could be physical damage. You can easily find any physical damage to the remote control by carefully inspecting it.

Pairing the remote will be hard in case the remote is damaged. A majority of the time, the remote control is fully inoperative. The solution is to change the remote control.

5. Factory Reset

If nothing else works, do a factory reset so that the remote-control button responds. You can follow the steps mentioned below to do a factory reset.

  • Hold the setting button on the remote control till the LED color changes from red to green.
  • Then, press buttons 9, 8, and 1. The LED will begin flashing green light twice, that denotes that the factory reset is also complete.

It must also be noted that resetting the voice remote control to the factory settings may disrupt the pairing of the remote control and TV box. As a consequence, to re-pair the TV box, you will have to use the voice remote control.

However, if the settings button is unavailable for you, follow the steps mentioned below, that can be done without the installation button.

  • Long-press the A and D buttons for nearly three seconds (comprising the diamond and triangle buttons.) It modifies the color to green from red.
  • Subsequently, in the following order, press the numbers 9, 8, and 1. The blue LED flashes three times when you click these buttons.

This will denote that your device is fully reset since factory reset removes the pairing. You shall have to re-pair the remote with the Tv box.

6. Reset Your Xfinity Box

In case the earlier method did not work for you, you can try to restore your Xfinity box. There’s also a good possibility that your television isn’t working suitably. This issue may result in conversation failures between the container and the remote control.

Ultimately, if none of the above solutions has worked, it is most possibly that your Xfinity box causes the issue. In this case, you will require to reset the box itself to fix the issue. Additionally, you can also use the Xfinity My Account application to reset the box.

You can reset your Xfinity box by doing the following steps.

  • Find and hold the Reset button for nearly 6 seconds.
  • You can also reset the box with the help of Xfinity My Account app. Examine that the app is being used for the long reset.
  • To do a quick reset, use the first process. The error has been resolved if your Xfinity voice remote still does not work after you reset your box.

7. Confirm that You Have A Line Of Sight To The TV And Xfinity Device

A radio frequency is used by the Xfinity remote to deliver a signal outward in entire directions. Although, few of the buttons also use an infrared (IR) signal to work; it should also have a clear line of sight from the remote’s end to the device.

As a consequence, guarantee nothing is blocking the front of the Xfinity device and your TV. Many times, decorative items or other soundbar get in the way, resulting in an infrared receiver.

You will also have to guarantee that you’re close to the Xfinity device and the TV. Usually, a distance of nearly 4 meters is enough. Although, if your batteries are nearly drained, you must get closer to the devices.

If the error persists even after you have programmed your Xfinity remote, the issue is likely caused by an issue with your remote, the TV, or the device. If this is the case, you can try to fix the error by resetting the remote.

Resetting your remote can resolve a range of issues.

Resetting, such as programming, can differ slightly depending on your remote. To reset your remote, follow the commands which came with it.

8. Remove Other Remotes And Devices

If there are different devices and remotes in your home, one of them may conflict with the other and prevent your Xfinity remote from working. Too many TV boxes or devices can also lead to this.

Each remote is custom programmed to work with the cable box which came with it. Although, there may be a syncing issue if you have multiple televisions from the same brand in your home.

This is because the entire remotes can be used with all the TVs in your home. The best way to fix this issue is to reset your Xfinity remote by removing the batteries for a minimum 30 seconds. You can also change them and re-pair the remote. Another way of resolving the error is by performing a factory reset.

9. Consult Xfinity Live Support For Assistance With The Next Steps

If you’ve tried these entire steps, your remote will likely be changed. The producer’s warranty may apply to an Xfinity remote. For further help, consult Xfinity live support and let them know you’re having issues.

They will nearly certainly inquire you to repeat each of the above steps to guarantee that you did them correctly and that your Xfinity is indeed faulty. Following that, they will recommend you on the next steps to take.


There may be several reasons behind Xfinity remote not working. However, there are many easy Solutions to fix them as well. Most significantly, there are ways to resolve the system, software, and hardware issues

Most of the time, resolving the issue of your Xfinity remote is relatively simple. If none of the solutions works for you, you can consult customer service at Uspsolutions and inquire them to help you.


Why Won’t My Xfinity Remote Change Channels?

There can be numerous reasons why your Xfinity remote cannot change channels. The TV cannot know commands sent by the remote if it is not suitably programmed. Your remote may have been physically harmed. This denotes a hardware issue, that is most likely the reason of the remote’s malfunction. Your remote may also be inoperable because of a lack of functioning batteries. Even if you effectively program and connect the remote, your Xfinity remote will not function if the batteries in the remote are dead.

A simple resolution is to check for unresponsive remote buttons and other hardware damage.

Q) Why are the numbers on Xfinity remote not working?

A) Initially, check the batteries in the remote and change them if essential. If that doesn’t work, reset the remote or the Xfinity box. You can also attempt pairing the remote with your TV again. If none of these solutions function, you’ll need to consult Comcast customer support for help.



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