Step By Step Process To Update TomTom Car GPS

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TomTom is an outstanding GPS Navigation device providing firm available in the market. It offers devices for Cars, Buses, Trucks, and other vehicles which are available in the market. It provides an extensive variety of accessories for the use of people, and every user needs to Update TomTom Car GPS so that they can use all the features of the device.

There are numerous solutions to perform the procedure and to help the users in the solution we have provided the complete steps which would help them in the process without any difficulty. All the steps provided are best, and they provide complete solutions to the troubles connected to TomTom Car GPS. You can also go to our website where you would get the complete answers for the products connected to TomTom GPS. You would also find the steps to Update TomTom Maps.

Method to Update TomTom Car GPS

Follow underneath solutions, and by following all the steps, you would get complete assistance in the procedure.

Solution 1) Download the Maps

  1. Go to Navigation on your device
  2. After that, click on Settings option and subsequently click on Map
  3. Now, you must click on Menu Bars
  4. Here, select Update Map
  5. After that, insert the USB drive into the vehicle USB port
  6. When asked,  remove the USB drive from the vehicle
  7. Now,  enter the USB drive into your computer and select continue.
  8. Now, you will be connected to your map update content.
  9. Once the order confirmation page is shown, you must choose Download
  10. As the procedure continues, follow the steps and then install TomTom Map Updater.

Solution 2) Update Uconnect Firmware

  1. Turn on your vehicle’s U-connect screen and now select Navigation on the device.
  2. Then, you need to click on Settings option.
  3. After that, click on System and then click on about
  4. Now,  write down the 10-digit Unit ID number
  5. As the procedure continues, you must visit and select Firmware updates option
  6. Here, you must enter your vehicle’s 10-digit Unit ID number
  7. Now, select Submit and enter the Unit ID
  8. After that, on your vehicle’s U-connect screen, you must choose the Navigation option.
  9. Here, you must click on Settings now click on Map
  10. Now, from the Menu Bars that will be available on the screen
  11. You must select Update Map
  12. After that , you must insert the USB drive into the vehicle USB port
  13. Once prompted, take out the USB drive from the vehicle
  14. Now, you must enter the USB drive into your computer and select Read Media
  15. If you find the Updates available, click Download.
  16. Once downloaded, you will be asked to install the downloaded software.
  17. If your firmware is forward-thinking, visit “Request Map Update.”
  18. Now, you must eject the USB drive from your computer
  19. After that, insert the USB drive into the vehicle USB port.
  20. You will find that the firmware update will start automatically
  21. Then, you must follow the commands to finish the firmware update.

Step 3: Load Maps

  • Insert the USB drive into the usb port of vehicle.
  • After that,  transfer the map data to your vehicle
  • Then, you will notice that the map update is completed when you see the Where To/View Map screen option.

In case if you are not able to update TomTom Car GPS, then consult professionals. Consult TomTom Customer Support available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to perform it easily.

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