Best Method To Fix Epson printer error code 031008

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Step By Step Procedure To Troubleshoot Epson printer error code 031008.

Epson printing machines are quite trustworthy and user-friendly. They are easy to use devices, and high-quality printers wherein users can never have a second thought while purchasing them. But simply like any other printer, this also can show an error some times. There are several errors connected to the Epson Printer and one of the most common errors in the Epson Printer Error 031008.

A user is much likely to come across this error while using the Epson printer. Thus, being a machine only, such errors are actually inevitable. But there is always a resolution to resolve these errors, and this blog also portrays the information on how to troubleshoot Epson Printer Error 031008.

Reason Behind Occurrence Of Epson Printer error code 031008

Epson Printer error code 031008 is a very common and a problematic error code and it arises when there is an improper insertion of the printheads or the ink cartridges in the Epson printer. Not only this, the dust which has been collected in the printer (or inside the printer, to be more specific), can also be a great cause for the emergence of Epson error code 031008. It might sound strange, but yes these are the real and basic causes for the error.

Because this error show suddenly only as and when you determine to print something or you are printing something. This shows that the Epson Printer error code 031008 is connected to the print quality issues. Thus, if you still are struggling or posing a trouble with the Epson Printer Error 031008, then this blog provides you with some steps and guidelines to
follow, which will resolve your error.

You are possibly to get faded printouts if you don’t change your printer’s cartridges instantly, just after seeing the warning of low ink on it. As soon as you add a new cartridge to it, your printer will prepare the printhead to accept the new cartridge, and this procedure is denoted to as “Priming”. The vital point to discuss this concept of “Priming” is that when your printer is pushing too much ink from time to time, the surplus ink is certainly going to spread on the entire printhead, that will eventually jam the nozzles of your printer.

If you somehow forget to turn off your printer, the ink will dry up in the nozzles when it is not being used that much, because the ink will dry up when left unused. So, that is the major cause for the procedure of “Priming” which would at least prevent the clogging of the printhead of your printer.

Follow Steps To Eradicate Epson Printer Error 031008

Here are the steps which you require to follow in order to resolve the Epson Printer Error code 031008.

  1. As mentioned above that the major reason of this error is the low ink cartridges. Thus, initially confirm the amount of ink cartridge left in your printer. Once you configure your ink cartridge, if it is low, refill it, or change it with a new one. This will begin again a smooth cycle of printing without displaying any error.
  2. Once you open your printer for the similar, you will do it from the top. Thus, open it by grabbing your printhead and sliding it to the left. Also, confirm that your printer is completely shut down, in the case to prevent any physical damage or shock.
  3. If you are in a doubt that you have a blocked printhead, then initially print a nozzle check pattern of your printer, just to examine exactly which colours have been affected. Then visit “Tools” and then go to “Print Quality Report”.
  4. If any error messages are arising on your print quality report, then those have to resolve. Tap on “Ok” for the time being.
  5. Continue to the next step and choose the “Settings” option in the menu, and again choose “Ok”. Now go to the option of “Tools”->” Ok”.
  6. In the “Tools” option, you will get an option of “Clean Printhead”. Choose that option. This is actually the self-cleaning cycle of the printer which it undergoes, thus, your printheads are clean automatically.

Therefore, this will also clear up an blockages in your printheads and could then be rechecked as many times as you want, to get the best outcomes.

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