Fix Oki Printer Error Code 990 Within a Moment

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Best Method To Troubleshoot Oki Printer Error Code 990 Easily

Oki is recognize for offering exceptional printing quality and services. But, often Oki printer error code 990 can arise abruptly. It is one of the common errors faced by lots of users where they are not able to continue the printing job.

Basically, this error signifies the fault within the waste toner sensor detection. The waste toner is like a container which stock the excess ink of the cartridge. Whenever you change the ink cartridge of the printer, you require to change the toner container as well.

Reasons Of Oki Printer Error Code 990 :

Most of the time, this error arises when there is a fault either within the drum unit or toner cartridge. Therefore, the printer is unable to set the amount of ink.

If you are also struggling with the similar error and tired of searching the solutions then this page might help you a lot. Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss the tricks that can help you to fix this error.

Simple Tips and Tricks to fix Oki Printer Error Code 990

Follow the tips explained in this section. Here you will get all the necessary information to help you to eliminate this error.

  • When you confront this error, then you need to examine if the blue toner lever is pushed towards the backside of the Oki printer.
  • Once you check the blue toner lever, you must check the sensor of the printer.
  • Clean the sensor if it has dirt. You can notice the sensor on the backside of the cover.
  • Take out the plastic cover and then free the silver arm from the dirt and dust. The sensor is simple to remove and to install.
  • Then, you have to make sure that the sensor lever of the printer is pushed to TS1 and is upwards.
  • When you are done, verify that you have pushed the sensor level upward.
  • After that, push the disc in the upward direction as well.

Finally, you must try to print a document to check whether the error has been resolved.

In the above guide, we have discussed the simplest techniques to get rid of the Oki printer error code 990. We wish, after applying the above tips in their respective order, it will definitely put an end to this error. In case if error code still persists, then simply consult Oki experts at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to fix it easily.



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