Eradicate Norton Error 8921 243 in an Easy Way

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Complete Solutions To Fix Norton Error 8921 243

Norton Error 8921 243 is a technical issue which the users receive on their screen. The error happens while updating the security software. The error message which prompts up on the screen along with the error code is ‘Norton LiveUpdate has finished with an unknown installation’. It occurs due to the damage Windows system files, partial installation of Norton, unsuitable deleting of the applications, and much more. The error seems to be severe and needs urgent attention of the users else it might interfere in the future.

Possible reasons behind occurence of Norton Error 8921 243

  • Due to  damage to Windows system files.
  • The Norton installation was done wrongly.
  • The Norton database file was deleted inappropriately.
  • The installation of the Norton was not done effectively.
  • Norton was uninstalled in a wrong manner.
  • The wireless device isn’t working properly.
  • There is a presence of corrupted files in the system.
  • The users haven’t updated the Norton Live.

Steps To Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus error 8921 243

  1. First of all, you should reboot your windows and log in with the administrative rights.
  2. To fix this error users have to run the Norton AutoFix tool.
  3. To perform this, open the antivirus and then visit its “main window” and click on “help” and select “get support”.
  4. When you select “get support”, the AutoFix tool will automatically search for Installations and technical issues that are connected to the update or installation.
  5. After it scans the Installations it will automatically fix them.
  6. After that, click on “close” and try again to update your application.
  7. If you still see this error then you have to primary uninstall the program and then reinstall it again.
  8. To do so, you should download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool in your system.
  9. To download it, you should browse through the official website of the antivirus and download the remove and reinstall tool and save the zip file on your desktop.
  10. Double-click on the downloaded file and click on “agree” in the license agreement window.
  11. Now choose “remove and reinstall” from the menu and then click on “continue”.
  12. When the process completes, reboot the device to enjoy it without any trouble.

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