7 Easy Steps To Fix Mac Error Code 102

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Generally, Apple’s products are remarkable, but they do have some errors now and then for example Mac Error Code 102. An error 102 on a Mac is usually experienced when trying to update applications. This error may be caused by issues with Preference files, Kernel Panic issues, installed applications, Kernel Panic issues or a full usage of start-up disk.

Symptoms of Mac Error Code 102

  • Mac start freezing every time when you are working on it.
  • Sometimes, a popup message is disturbing you.
  • Some features is currently not supported in this computer.
  •  An error message 102 arises on your screen.
  • Your system getting a slow response.

Reasons behind Mac Error Code 102

  • Blue screen of death (BSOD) issue on your Mac.
  • Few problem with finder and p list program.
  • Some virus attack on your Mac operating system.
  • Some registry files enter in your system.

Easy Steps to Fix the Error Code 102 Easily:

  1. Firstly, open the Mac Computer.
  2. Then enter the computer in safe mode by holding shift keys for some times.
  3. After that, open the folder/ system/ library.
  4. Now delete extension.kextcache & extension.mkext.
  5. Subsequently, open the folder/system/library/cache/
  6. Then delete the Com.apple.kernelcaches.
  7. At last, reboot the computer now.

By following the above mention steps in sequential order you can easily fix Mac error 102. It is vital to keep technical knowledge in your mind for resolving the error.

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Q) What does Error 102 on a Mac denotes?

A) The Mac error 102 arises when there are problems with the Apple Store, Mac App Store, firewall problems, and an incomplete installation. When the operating system error code 102 occurs on your system, few files may have gone corrupted and results in iTunes issues.

Q) How to upgrade my Mac to 10.13 0?

A) Use Software Update, Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu , then click Software Update to examine for updates. If any updates are available, tap the Update Now button to install them. Or click “More info” to check details about each update and choose specific updates to install.

Q) Why is my 2012 MacBook Pro sluggish?

A) Mac is Running Slow because of Lack of Hard Drive Space. Insufficient space may not just ruin your system performance—it can also cause the applications you’re working with to crash. That happens because macOS is continuously swapping memory to disk, particularly for setups with low initial RAM.


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