Complete Procedure To Fix Lexmark Printer Error 1203

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Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error 1203 in an Efficient Way

In the Lexmark printer display panel, if error code 1203 appears, resolve it to recognize the error, whether it is a hardware or cartridge issue. Typically, 1203 is an error code common to nearly entire Lexmark printers and the troubleshooting steps for printers are almost same.

Reasons behind appearence of Lexmark Error Code 1203

  • Errors on the Lexmark printer may arise when the connection between the spooler and the Lexmark printer is interrupted.
  • A similar error will arise if any of the Lexmark ink cartridges do not respond to printer commands.
  • If the container does not contain sufficient ink to print the pages, an alert message arises on the screen.
  • Serious harm to the print head.
  • There may be not functioning of the hardware components. Specific function keys may no longer work.
  • Anyway, you will find that the print will slow down or stop suddenly. The output will be different.

Steps to Troubleshoot Error 1203 on Lexmark Printer

Follow underneath steps to fix Lexmark Printer Error 1203 of your own.

Step 1: Check the power on – Confirm that the Lexmark printer is turned on suitably.

Step 2: Processing with the control panel – Lift the control panel and open the door to enable accessibility of the cartridge. You will notice a quick movement in the print cartridge, that will instantly stop in the normal position. Now take out the cartridges.

Step 3: Cartridge treatment – After removing the cartridge from the printer, shut the access door, and then. Turn off the printer, and now turn it on again.

Step 4: Operator Inspection –  Find on the control panel if the similar error has occurred or you can notice a new message on the screen.If the shown message is 1203, the printer hardware may be wrong.

Step 5: Reinstall the cartridges

  1. Reinstalling cartridges directly into the printer is an essential task for users, as recommended by the Lexmark Customer Support Team.
  2. Place the color cartridge accurately in the left holder, then place the black cartridge in the holder on the far right.
  3. Now gently press the cartridges until they fit snugly.
  4. Close all the cartridge to access the door with the control card.
  5. If the error message 1203 still persists on the control panel, it is suggested that customers place one cartridge at a time.
  6. With a cartridge in the vendor area, fully close the access door and the control panel.
  7. Look in all the control panel if error 1203 continues to arise or not.
  8. If the Missing Cartridge message is shown, the 2nd Cartridge can then introduce the faulty process.
  9. Change the defective cartridge if necessary.

Hopefully you would have resolved Lexmark Printer Error 1203 by now. In case if error still persists after applying above steps, then don’t lose hope at all. Consult Lexmark professionals available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to get rid of this irritating error code. The professionals available here have vast experience in resolving Lexmark printer issues. We assure to resolve error code as soon as possible but also guarantee that you may not face any such error code in future also.


Q) Why my Lexmark printer won’t communicate with my computer?

A) A faulty USB cable or one which runs too long to carry data suitably can prompt your Lexmark printer to display communication errors. … Unplug any USB hubs and plug the printer directly into your system, trying more than one port if your computer comprises them.

Q) How to connect my Lexmark printer to my laptop?

A) Connect the USB cable between computer and printer, and click Continue. The additional notifications will arise after you connect the USB cable. Simply click on Cancel or close options. Follow the on-screen commands carefully and add your Lexmark printer to your computer.




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