Fix Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f Instantly

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Troubleshoot Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f in Hassle-Free Way

Many users receive many errors the moment their Lenovo laptop starts up or is used. The Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f is one of those errors, that usually arises when you use Windows 7/8, when you try to create a Windows system repair disk on another computer and the use to repair the boot loader. This time, often, the repair does not work and fails, that causes it to become code 0xc000000f. Well, here, the blog will guide the easy steps on how to Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f? Thus, if you confront the same issue, don’t bother, just go through the steps below to solve it quickly.

Easy Solutions to Resolve Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f :-

Solution 1:- Check Administrator Privilege

Confirm that you have full administrator rights or privileges to access the Lenovo Laptop system. This could be one of the causes behind the appearance of the error code 0xc000000f. Examine your administrator privileges and also update the BIOS of your Lenovo notebook.

Solution 2:- Troubleshoot the error 0xc000000f

For Windows 7:-

If you are using Windows 7, attempt creating a Windows 7 system repair disc on another computer and using it to repair the boot loader. If the fix does not work, try to restore the system.

For Windows 8:-

If you are using Windows 8, try creating a recovery drive on another computer to repair the Computer. If you do not have another computer, try to stop loading Windows 8 to go into push-button reset mode (it’s like a recovery environment to restore the computer from its state earlier operation). To do this, hold down the “power” button while loading Windows 8 (you have to do it two-times). If successful, you will notice this screen:

Do these steps:-

  1. Boot into Last Known Good Configuration.
  2. Boot into Safe Mode, If everything’s perfect, try to restart the computer in normal mode and check.
  3. Now perform System Restore.
  4. Refresh your Windows 8 PC or reset windows 8 (remember that this will wipe the computer clean)

Solution 3:- Repair Your Computer

You must try to repair your computer to recover this error code 0xc000000f. To do this, you should have an authentic Windows bootable DVD / USB. If you do not have it, instantly contact Lenovo Customer Support Professionals to call in experts to resolve the problem.

Consult Lenovo Professionals For quick Resolution:

In case if after applying above steps Lenovo Error Code 0xc000000f still persists then don’t loose hope at all. Contact Lenovo Professionals available at Uspcsolutions to get best guidance to get rid of this annoying issue. Professionals available on our site are Lenovo certified to assist you in best way possible.

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