Easy Hacks To Install Xerox Printer Driver on Windows 10

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Complete Procedures To Install Xerox Printer Driver on Windows 10.

Have you purchased a new Xerox printer for yourself and troubled with its installation procedure? Well, most of the users are not confirm about their knowledge to install the printers rightly on their Windows system. If you are one among those who is finding hard to install Xerox printer driver on Windows 10 then read this blog carefully.

This step by step blog covers the entire commands to install the hardware on Windows 10. These instant and exact steps will help you quickly to install the drivers on your system. You simply require to check the below discussed guidelines suitably.

Basically, Xerox printer drivers are installed on the computer in order to simplify the printer application with a computer. Configuring, managing and using your printer through your computer is quite simple if you download and install the Xerox printer drivers by yourself. Thus, for this you should suitably know how to install Xerox printer driver on Windows 10 system.

You can download the printer drivers from any of the reliable official websites. You simply have to wait until the complete installation process gets over and then managing your printer will become easiest. Only action which is needed is to connect your printer to the computer during installation phase. Furthermore, you get the option to install any one of the drivers based upon your necessities.

Easy Steps to Install Xerox Printer Driver on Windows 10-

  1. Initially, check whether you have logged in as an administrator so as to give the necessary permissions before beginning the installation process.
  2. Then, save the downloaded driver files into an easily accessible location.
  3. Examine and confirm to check if you have downloaded the correct driver.
  4. Add your specific printer to the list at the beginning of the installation process.
  5. Guarantee to use the TCP/IP address or the hostname to add your printer.
  6. Search for the specific location where the Xerox printer files are saved.
  7. Choose your printer model and give an appropriate name for the printer.
  8. Optionally, select to share your printer or not in the next window.

Detailed Steps to Install Xerox Printer Driver on Windows 10-

Step 1: Before setting up with the procedure to install Xerox printer driver on windows 10, examine whether you are logged on to your computer as the administrator or guest user. This step is essential to let the necessary permissions as when required.

Step 2: Visit the location where you have downloaded the Xerox printer driver file. Basically, it is placed or saved in a location which is easily accessible.

Step 3: You have to select among three different types of printers termed Xerox Class, Xerox V4, and the Xerox V3 Drivers. Each of these driver comes with its own benefits. You can choose one as per your necessities.

Step 4: Then, turn on your system and then click on the Windows button at the Desktop. Open the Control Panel and click on the Devices and Printers option. If the option is not found then visit the search bar and enter Printers. On the next screen, choose the Add a Printer option.

Step 5: Also, you can select the Add a Printer using a TCP/IP Address or Hostname option. Below the Device Type, click over the TCP/IP Device option and continue to install Xerox printer driver on windows 10.

Step 6: Provide a Hostname or the IP Address in the respective Type a Printer Hostname or IP Address window. The Port Name show the IP address or the Hostname. You can even change the Port Name if required.

Step 7: If you are installing a class driver, then select the Class Driver option. After that, wait until the installation gets over. V3 drivers come with complete functionality when printing from a computer, but they provide limited functionality while printing via modem. Whereas the Class Drivers provide limited functions only. It is suggested to go for V4 drivers.

Step 8: Open the location where you have saved the driver file. Choose that specific driver file and then click OK.

Step 9: Choose any of the Printer Model from the Install the Printer Driver window. Then, typr Printer Name in the screen, you have to enter the name for the printer. You can either make use of the current name.

Step 10: Subsequently, in the Printer Sharing window, select whether you want to share the printer or not. Tap on the Next and then Finish button. Thus, this is how you can install Xerox printer driver on Windows 10 system.

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