Troubleshoot HP Touchpad Not Working Quickly

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Best Method To Fix HP Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10/8/7

No need to worry, if your HP touchpad isn’t working correctly. This post explains the simple methods to fix the HP Touchpad not working issue with much ease.

The touchpad is the most sensitive computer tool out of all. And, even a minor issue with drivers or hardware may obstruct the effective functionality of your Touchpad. Even though, lots of HP users have reported that the HP touchpad not working perfectly. In this penned note, we’ve rounded up the methods to resolve the error which stops the correct working of the HP touchpad. But, well, do you ever thought why the HP touchpad doesn’t work suitably? What are its reasons? Don’t bother, in our next section, you’ll get to know about its reasons, hence you’ll be cognizant for future prevention.

Why is HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Suitably?

Well, there are tons of causes which cause the “HP Touchpad not working” issue but below we’ve mentioned the core ones-

  • Disabled touchpad option.
  • Outdated touchpad driver.
  • Old and broken system drivers.
  • Because of the older version of Windows.
  • Third-party software may be conflicting.

These are some core factors which cause the HP laptop touchpad not working issue. But don’t bother, we’ve brought up the list of methods which can help you out to fix this issue.

How to Resolve HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10,8,7

Without any further delay, let’s read the below-mentioned solutions to resolve the HP laptop Touchpad not working on Windows 10,8,7.

Fix 1: Turn on the Touchpad Service

Maybe, your touchpad is disabled in the Settings, and thus your HP touchpad is not working. Thus, confirm that the touchpad should be enabled. You can enable touchpad by two solutions, below are the separate steps to both methods, let’s read them!

Method 1: Double-click on the Dot of the Upper Left Side Corner

Generally, there is a dot at the upper left side corner of your touchpad, double click on that dot just to enable the touchpad. By doing this, you can enable the touchpad service of your HP laptop.

Method 2: Turn on the Touchpad in Settings

Another solution to turn on the Touchpad is via Windows settings. Here is what you require to do!

1:- Enter Settings in the search box of your Windows and choose Settings from the appeared search results.

2:- Now, click on Devices.

3:- After that, click on the Mouse & Touchpad from the left side and then click on the Additional Mouse Options.

4:- Then, switch to the Device Settings tab and select the Touchpad option and confirm that Touchpad is enabled.

After doing all this, don’t forget to restart your laptop and examine whether the HP laptop touchpad not working issue is solved or not.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot the Hardware Error

Due to the hardware issues, the HP laptop touchpad not working in Windows 7,8,10. Here is how to resolve this issue using the windows troubleshooting utility!

1:- Click the Win and R key from your Keyboard and input control in the search box of the Run Dialog box and click on OK.

2:- Now, find the Troubleshooting option from the Control Panel window and click on it.

3:- After that, click on the Hardware and Sound option.

4:- Tap on the Hardware and Device and then Next, now, you have to wait for a moment until the Troubleshooting procedure gets completed.

Finally, go with the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the explored issues. This is how to resolve touchpad on HP laptop.

Fix 3: Update Touchpad Driver

If the above resolutions aren’t able to fix your HP laptop touchpad not working issue on Windows 10,8,7. Then, try to update your Touchpad driver to its current version. This will certainly bring back the effective working of your HP laptop’s touchpad. This, via two approaches you can do so, i.e., Manually and Automatically.

For manually, one can update the touchpad or other drivers from the official site of the manufacture and through the Windows in-built utility Device Manager too. But, to perform the manual way you should have a keen knowledge about tech skills.

Next is a fully automatic method to update the Touchpad driver using a driver updater tool. To do this method, you require to have only depended on the best driver updater tool. Hereby, we recommend you use Bit Driver Updater, a well-programmed driver updater tool which is accessed by professionals as well. We shared the relevant steps to use Bit Driver Updater. Read them!

1: Download Bit Driver Updater and open it.

2:- Now, keep patient for a moment until the Scan gets executed.

3:- Review the list of drivers quite cautiouslly.

4:- After that, click on the Update Now option to update the drivers and installs the new updates. Or, to save more time, you require to click on the Update All option instead of Update Now.


In sum, above-listed are the resolutions to fix the HP laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10,8,7. Through this write-up, we’ve tried to make you know how you can easily resolve the touchpad not working issue. We are assuming that now you can easily deal with this annoying issue.

Finally, if you want to share something with us, then do comment in the box below. If you require any kind of assistance, don’t hesitate to consult our professionals at Uspcsolutions for guidance.

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