Troubleshoot Gmail Sync Error in a Moment

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How to fix Gmail Sync Error

Friends, you would have been using Gmail for sending emails and you will know very well how significant Gmail IDs are currently. Email Send and Receive has become very simple after the arrival of Smartphones. If you use the Gmail app, then you must know that whenever you obtain a New Mail, then we get instant notification.

Problems you may confront because of Gmail Sync Error

The biggest advantage of Gmail is that we do not have to sign in Email Id repeatedly and can see Received Mail even without the internet. But many times we could neither send email nor receive new mail because of  Sync Error in Gmail. Due to this, our significant mail is also missed. Some common problems that you may face because of this error are:

  • Can’t send mail
  • Can’t Receive New Mail
  • Account not synced error
  • Can’t open Gmail app
  • Gmail app action required
  • Gmail app became very slow

Steps  To Fix Sync Error in Gmail App 

If you notice any of the above mentioned issues, then it is recommended to perform underneath steps so as to overcome it:

# 1. Restart your device

If you haven’t switched off the mobile for a long time period, then restart your mobile once.

 #2. Update Gmail App

I think you may be using an older version of the Gmail app which may have a bug or is not comfortable for your mobile, thus update the latest version of Gmail app from Google Play Store. 

# 3. Check Gmail app Sync settings

Check the sync settings of the Gmail app once. Sync must tick on Gmail and leave 30 days on mail to sync.

  • Open gmail app
  • Tap on menu ≡
  • Tap on Settings ⚙
  • Select Gmail address
  • Check settings
  • gmail-sync-settings

# 4. Not enough space


Your phone’s storage memory space is low because sync error can also come because the Gmail app cannot get space to sync new mail. Thus uninstall unnecessary apps (that are not required). Keep minimum 1GB of memory free to run the mobile smoothly.

# 5. Remove Account & login again

If the mentioned above 4 steps are not working for you then you must try this step. Initially you have to remove the Gmail account from mobile and then login again.

Congratulations! Friends, your Gmail sync error would have been resolved now. In case if you still confront the error, then simply consult professionals. Chat with Gmail experts available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to get rid of this annoying issue.


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