Best Method To Troubleshoot Garmin Memory Full Error

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Complete Guide To Fix Garmin Memory Full Error

Garmin GPS device offers accurate route information through its route navigation facility.

Since GPS receives information about current routes and places directly from the satellites, one can easily depend on this device while traveling to a strange place.

And the best part about the Garmin GPS device is that it saves the entire route information in the device for future use.

With the regular usage of Garmin GPS or after getting latest Garmin GPS Updates, occasionally users may confront some technical errors and Garmin memory full error is one of those common errors.

But no bother, we will tell you how to clear Garmin Memory Full Problem issue in this blog by these simple troubleshooting method.

Troubleshooting Steps to resolve Garmin Memory Full Error

1. Reboot your GPS Device

An easy restart has the potential to fix several errors in your device. Turn your device off and reboot it again after a few seconds. It can help you in resolving the memory error in your GPS device.

Steps to Reboot Your Device:

  • Find the reset button.
  • Push the button
  • Slide the power key

2. Delete Archive Folders

The entire GPS devices can archive the files. Archive files take the memory space thus there are possibilities that your GPS is providing Garmin Memory Full Problem because of these archive files.

We don’t even notice this because it stays in the back-end. By deleting those files, you can easily deal with this issue.

For Windows:

  1. Initially, you will need to connect your GPS device with your system with the help of Garmin Express. Garmin Express App allows it, user, to manage their Garmin GPS device from their computer. This app is readily present on App Store or the Garmin Website.
  2. Visit “C” Drive and look for GPS folder. Open it once you connect your device to your system.
  3. Double click on GPS folder and look for Archive Folder. Once you get it,  then open it.
  4. Choose the entire content by pressing “CTRL + A” and click the DLT button.
  5. Few files will remain because the system might not be able to delete it. You can leave those files as it may need for the device functioning.
  6. Now you can reboot your device and check if the error still persists or not.

For Mac:

The entire procedure for Mac is the same. You will need Garmin Express App to connect with your Mac System. Then open GPS Drive and follow the entire above steps to delete the Archive Files from your device.

3. Hard Reset to troubleshoot Garmin Memory Full error

This step is the final troubleshooting step which you can try by your own to resolve this error. But before that, take a backup of data of your device’s.

  • Before continuing, make sure to disconnect your device with your system.
  • Connect your Device with the power socket and switch it off and wait for nearly 10-15 seconds before rebooting it.
  • Then press the power button to turn it on.
  • While the device is turning on, click on the right corner at the bottom of your device’s screen and hold it a few 3-4 seconds.
  • A pop will arise on your screen with options of Hard Reset. This option will reset your device and bring it to factory settings by erasing the entire data of your device.
  • Press “Yes” to verify and wait for the procedure to finish.
  • Now check if the error still persists or not.

Are you still unable to fix Full Memory Issue in your Garmin GPS Device?

Don’t bother! We are here to assist you.


These were the few steps that you can perform to fix the Garmin memory full problem of GPS. But occasionally it happens when your Garmin GPS device is facing few internal technical issue, and it can be hard to resolve without any expert’s guidance. In case if you require any kind of assistance, consult our Garmin experts available at Uspcsolutions for best guidance.




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