Four Simple Methods To Fix HP Office Jet 8702 Printer paper jam error

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Complete Guide To Get Rid Of HP office Jet 8702 printer paper jam error code.

If you are using HP printer and the printer stops functioning and a message is popping up that says about error 8702, then you require to troubleshoot this error. To resolve HP office Jet 8702 printer paper jam error code, you require to follow some steps.

Solutions to Resolve HP Office Jet 8702 Printer paper jam error

Solution 1: Clean the paper feed roller

Paper, fiber, dust can lead to paper jam error in the printer. Clear the entire rollers inside rear of printer, ADF and ink cartridge and try to get the excellent quality print from the device.

Solution 2: Reset the printer

It happens occasionally which false paper jam can continuing error message on the display of the printer. Attempt to reset the printer and you will get this issue resolved.

Solution 3: User should guarantee carriage can move freely

Initially, turn on the printer device.

Now, open the cartridge with inserting the fingers into a lot on left side.

Then, move the carriage into the ink cartridge access area.

Subsequently, wait for whole and disconnect the power cord.

Examine that if there is an object that is restricting the carriage.

Moreover, move the carriage by reaching inside printer via ink cartridge access door.

Take out if there is any loose paper found.

Shut the ink carriage access door and connect the power cord to the rear of the printer and plug the power cord to the switch.

Finally, try to print by turning the printer ON.

Method 4: Service the HP Office Jet printer

Change the HP printer, if you can’t resolve the trouble with the above-mentioned steps.

Chat Uspcsolution For Quick Resolution:

If after applying above steps HP office jet error 8702 still persists, then don’t worry at all. Chat with HP Experts available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance for resolution.

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