Best Method To Fix Firefox Youtube Black Screen

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Troubleshoot Firefox Youtube Black Screen By Following Underneath Solutions

In your free time, you wish to watch video songs, cartoons, news or matches on YouTube from your mobile or computer. When you open Youtube and click on the video thumbnail, you can notice a video player appearing on your screen. Sometimes, you wait for the video to load and play. Here, after a few minutes later, you might suddenly find that the video is not playing on Youtube. Just then, you find that the screen in the Firefox YouTube video player went completely black. But, you don’t have to bother as this is quite a common issue.

Here, you are in the correct destination because we bring you few simple hacks to keep the Firefox Youtube Black Screen at bay. Follow this blog till the end to get rid of this issue on your own.

Simple Resolutions for Firefox Youtube Black Screen

Firefox YouTube Black Screen is one of the very common issue for users. You can easily resolve this issue from your home. Follow below steps and use these at a time. All steps are very helpful thus don’t skip any of them.

Step-1 Log Out Youtube Account

Basically, Firefox YouTube black screen issue will occur when a user is displaying the video with logged on to his or her Youtube account. An easy way to troubleshoot this issue is to sign out of your Youtube account. After logging out of the account, you can try to play a video. If you are bothered about how to do it, follow the below method:

  • Click on the Account icon that is in the upper right corner of the homepage of YouTube. Subsequently, click on the Sign-out option.

After, following this process confirm that your video plays normally or not. If this issue still persists then go through our next step.

Step -2 Reboot Web Browser

Sometimes YouTube Screen becomes black because few tiny of your browser is going wrong. You can simply resolve this by refreshing the page or by restarting the browser. Follow the below step for doing this:

Initially open the web browser, then click on the Reload icon from there. You can also click the F5 button on your keyboard for reloading the page of the video. Check if the video can play perfectly.

If you notice this issue still persists, then you definitely close the browser. Generally, it helps you to get relief from this issue on your browser. Try to open the video again after you reboot the web browser.

Check the issue is resolved or not. If you are not getting relief from this error then go through the next step.

Step-3 Check Network Connectivity Status

Usually, you may confront this issue if you see that your device’s network connection status is not good. You can perform a few things:

Change all the plans of your computer and other devices that are connected to the similar network. Disable the network connection of the program or device which is slowing down your network.

  • Initially check that all the other devices and entire programs are connected with the equal network. Now, turn off  the entire connections of the devices and programs because these slow down your network connection.
  • You can use a VPN. It also helps you to get relief from these problems you may use the local Internet networks. VPN provides you faster and more secure, stable internet networks and it is simple to use.

Subsequently, again you reload the Youtube video and check that this resolve the Firefox YouTube Black Screen Issue or not.

Step-4 Clear entire Browsing Data

The entire cache and history data of your web browser also cause ‘Firefox YouTube Screen Black’ of this issue. Ocassionally, those history data can also change your settings of the browser and stop it. Those are all common reasons behind this issue. Thus we recommend you to clean all the browsing data. You may use Firefox to clean data by using the below-listed steps.

  • Initially press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys from your keyboard at a time. A new window will pop-up.
  • Select the option Clear all browsing options.


  1. Set the range of the time> Clear browsing data> select the option Everything from Time range to clear section> Choose all items>clicks on the Clear now option.


  • Check if you can see the video easily on your Youtube.

Step-5 Disable Browser Extension

Sometimes the browser extensions can create a trouble with your YouTube video’s playback, specially the extensions of ad blocking. Temporarily disable them and check if the issue is resolved. Follow below listed steps on how you disable extensions.

Open the Settings of Extension

Initially, on the Firefox browser go to the Menu button that is available on right upper corner> click on the Add-ons option.

Disable Ad Blocking Extension

Tap Disable button from the Firefox browser to disable the extension of ad blocking.

If you notice that issue still exists, go for the next method.

Step-6 Update Web Browser to eradicate Firefox YouTube Black Screen Issue 

Firefox YouTube screen black issue may arise because the web browser that uses this browser is backdated. You can resolve this issue by preventing the old version of the Firefox web browser. For updating the latest version of the web browser open Firefox’s official website and click on the free downloading link.

Step-7 Update Javascript Or Adobe Flash Player

An old version of Adobe Flash Player can also lead to this YouTube to become a black screen issue. To update the latest version javascript follow these below solutions.

  • Initially, uninstall Adobe Flash Player after that download or install the latest version of Adobe on your device
  • Examine that the JavaScript is turned on.
  • The hardware acceleration option is disabled:  open the video place and right-click on it. When a drop-down menu will occur from there un-select ‘Enable hardware acceleration option.


After you have gone through the entire above steps Firefox Youtube Black Screen issue would definitely be solved. In case if the issue still persists then get in touch with YouTube geeks available at Uspsolutions for assistance. The professionals available at our site are well trained and knowledgeable enough to assist you in the best way possible.

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