Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW Printer Not Printing Black In A Minute

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Brother MFC-J6910DW printer not printing black is one of the most common and recurring issues which annoys lots of users. Undeniably, brother printers have been popular for serving professional printer users with outstanding services for many years. These printers never disappoint their users. Additionally, they are recognised for making printing activities relatively more simple and quicker than in earlier times. Brother printers top the list when it comes to professional work and works tremendously well for home-based use.

Although the popular and famous brother printers do not tend to come up with bugs and errors, technology can fail at any time. These printers come with many pros such as reasonable cost, perfect for both professional and home-based work, and less need for changing the ink cartridges now and then. Yet, the most common complaint regarding these printers is about when they stop printing black suddenly.

Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW

Troubleshoot Brother MFC-J6910DW printer not printing black Issue

If your brother printer has stopped printing black suddenly, fear not, since it is one of the most typical errors which people using brother printers complain about. This blog briefs on the reasons for the brother printer to stop printing black and how you can resolve the issue without professional help.

This, let’s get started!

Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW

Why Does My Brother’s Printer MFC-J6910DW Won’t Print Black?

Many people all around the world opt for brother printers since these printers enable users to enjoy their printing activities. Besides, as mentioned previously, these printers have made printing easier with several additional facilities and effects. However, brother printers may also present with few glitches, though not major ones, and the errors are minor and arise less frequently.

One common complaint about brother printers is that they can stop printing black all of sudden, which may become frustrating to fix immediately. Let’s have a light on the causes which may be liable for your brother printer to come up with the ‘not printing black’ issue;

Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW

  • Installation Of A New Cartridge

We are unaware of the logic and link between the new cartridge and brother printer which stops printing black in documents. However, several professionals believe that if you have recently installed a new cartridge on your Brother printer, it may appear with ‘not printing black’ issues.

Thus, it would be better to check if you have installed the cartridge suitably to avoid the relevant issue.

  • Usage Of ‘Almost’ An Empty Black Cartridge

If you notice that your Brother printer has recently started producing unsatisfactory documents, it denotes that you need to change the black ink cartridge. Assume you continue to use the black ink cartridge which is about to empty. In that case, you allow the air to get stuck into the printer nozzle, which would cause further annoying issues while you print your documents.

Besides, once the air fills up the printer nozzle fully, your brother printer will cease to print in black. Thus, as soon as you get the error from your printer about the black ink cartridge turning low, it would be best to change it at the right time.

  • Brother Printer With Ciss

Assume your brother printer has an accompanying ‘continuous ink supply system,’ that increases the capacity of the printer to retain extra amounts of ink. In that case,the possibility is that your printer will come up with a ‘not printing black’ issue. The cause can be clogging of the printhead, which usually arises when a printer contains CISS fitted.

There are other causes for a brother printer with CISS not functioning normally, such as irregular printer use and bad quality ink cartridges.

  • Partial Removal Of ‘Breather’ Tape

When you install a new or fresh ink cartridge in your Brother printer and forget to remove the breather tape on it, your printer will mostly like to come up with not printing black issues.

  • Usage Of Bad Or Poor Quality Ink Cartridges

The quality of ink cartridges plays an important role when it comes to the functionality of any printer. If you do not use ink cartridges compatible with your Brother printer, you will most possibly get the ‘not printing black’ issue from your Brother printer.


Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW

How To Fix The Brother Printer Not Printing Black?

As mentioned earlier, brother printer MFC-J6910DW not printing black is a common issue. Thus, there are several troubleshooting tips available which may help you resolve the issue instantly. Let’s have a glance at these troubleshooting measures;

Fix Brother MFC-J6910DW

  1. Print Regularly

To prevent the clogging of the printer nozzle, it would be best to use your Brother printer in a regular way. When people do not use their printers regularly, they basically complain that ‘brother printers are not printing black suitably.’

  1. Suitable Placement Of Ink Cartridge

If you have recently installed a new or fresh black ink cartridge, and still your Brother printer does not print black, you might have placed it incorrectly. Thus, it would be best to take out the cartridge and put it back again accurately. Hopefully, it will fix the issue!

  1. Removal Of The Breather Tape

As mentioned previously, the breather tape on the ink cartridge requires to be removed before you install a new ink cartridge in your Brother printer. Let’s say you have installed a new black ink cartridge, and you have not removed the label/breather tape; the possibilities are that your Brother printer won’t print black.

  1. Use Branded Ink Cartridge

As mentioned previously, using poor-quality ink cartridges can damage your Brother printer. The most common result is that your printer won’t print black. Thus, it would be best to purchase and install the highest quality ink cartridges in your printer so that you don’t have to confront any issues.

  1. Clear The Printheads

If you have not used your Brother printer for a long time period, it would be best to clean the printheads initially before you resume your printing activities. You can use a piece of clean cloth soaked in warm water to clean the printheads.


However, you should not bother about it. In this article, we have tried our best to summarize the reasons and tips to resolve the Brother MFC-J6910DW printer not printing black in the best possible way! Hopefully, it will prove useful. In case you need any kind of assistance or if you are unable to fix it, no need to worry at all. Consult Brother experts available at  USPcsolutions in order to get rid of it on your own. The professionals available here will assist you with the best solutions so as to get rid of it easily.


  • Q) Why is the black ink not printing on my Brother MFC-J6910DW printer?
  • This is because of several factors like poor quality ink being used, tanks not being mixed often enough causing sediment to collect at the bottom of the tanks or not being used often enough. All of these factors can lead to the black ink or the colours not to print
  • Q) How to reset my Brother printer? 
  • Click Menu from the printer control panel. Using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose Initial Setup and then press OK, and using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose Reset and then press OK. Using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose the reset function of your preference and then press OK.
  • Q) Why does my Brother mfc printer print blank pages?
  • If there is not enough or insufficient ink in your cartridge, your Brother printer may print blank pages. You are using a wireless Brother printer, an unsuitable internet connection then this can cause this issue. If the ink cartridge is not installed suitably or is of low quality, it will print blank pages.

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