Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 0x60 Quickly

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How Do I Fix Epson Error Code 0x60 ?

Errors are very common in any technical device. It is certain if you depend on technology for your work then you will have to face the bugs too. Thus in this blog, we will talk about an error termed Epson error Code 0x60. Errors are very much annoying. Especially, these errors become extremely chaotic when you require an urgent printout and your printer shows an error.

Epson error code 0x60 is not any big error which cannot be resolved. If you are aware of the causes behind the error, then it will be a lot simple to get rid of the error 0x60. Thus, we are going to share a few solutions regarding Epson error 0x60. We will discuss the error 0x60 in Epson Printer and the ways to fix this error.

What is Epson error Code 0x60?

Epson printers do not require any introduction. It’s globally recognise that epson printer are the best printers. If we talk about the errors which come in printing, then those who are working in the printing industry they are very familiar with these types of complications. Epson Error Code 0x60 is a quite common error which arises when ink cartridges get older or there is any issue in the PW sensor. If your job is based on printing technology, then it is certain you would know the word error and their numbers. Epson error 0x60 is an error which shows on a monitor when your epson printer has an issue with your ink cartridges. Generally, it seems that ink cartridges become older or are not capable to use more. There are more causes also to get this error. As in, an issue with the PW sensor. PW sensor is the ink sensor or ink feeder sensor that you will find on the upper left side of the ink cartridge. So if there would be any issue with PW Sensor then you may obtain the Epson error 0x60.

How Do I Fix Epson Error 0x60 ?

When your epson printer gets older then it begins showing symbols of aging by showing error 0x60. Error 0x60 arises when the issue comes in the sensors or the ink cartridges are not able to use more. Error 0x60 can be caused because of unavailability of ink in the epson printer, dirty print head may also be the cause behind the error 0x60. You can resolve the error by following these easy solutions. The Way To resolve Epson Error Code 0x60 – are mentioned below.

  1. Initially, examine the print head and make it clean. A dirty print head causes the issue and can be the cause behind the error 0x60. You may also examine whether there are ink cartridges are full with ink or not.
  2. If everything is accurate with cartridges and print heads, then you should go and reinstall the drivers. Ocassionally drivers get misconfigured and create an error. After reinstalling the drivers, you should check by printing anything on paper. You will get that no errors are arising during printing.
  3. If the ink cartridges are faulty then you will have to change the ink cartridges. If you change the ink cartridges, then it will be better to download the driver and install it again. It will save you from future errors.
  4. Remove the entire jam papers in the cart. Paper jamming in the cart is also the cause for obtaining errors. Paper jamming is extremely common it happens during printing pieces of paper can stuck. Thus clean it cautiously. And restart the printer.
  5. Use the troubleshooting procedure to diagnose the issue coming in the epson printer. As you will run the troubleshooting, the program will automatically begin to probe the device and it will give you the results.

Contact Epson Printer Support To Resolve Epson 3540 Printer 0x60 Errors

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