Eliminate Canon Printer Error P02 in Easy Way

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How Do I Fix Canon Printer Error P02 ?

As we all know canon printer is recognised as the best brand worldwide. Printing emerged as a great business nowadays. Thus when we go for something big there would be few obstacles also and in technical types of work you face more. Thus, today we are going to discuss an error termed as error P02. Canon printer is a device run with the software thus showing error is very normal. In this blog, we will read few solutions regarding a common canon printer error P02, and the reasons of the error. Thus let’s begin,

What is Canon Printer Error P02?

Error P02 is generally regarding ink cartridges connectivity. Canon printer error P02 is very common and it could be very annoying when you don’t know the cause behind the error. Showing an error on your computer is a very common thing. But, every error has a few specific causes. If your ink cartridges will not be connected firmly then error P02 is certain to show on your computer screen. There would be a few more causes like paper jamming and or faulty cartridges for showing error P02. Ocassionally faulty wire connection with ink cartridges can also be the reason of poor connectivity and you may confront the error P02. There are a few more causes behind the error P02 and they are listed below.

  1. A filthy rear tray can also be the cause behind the error.
  2. You may notice the error if the piece of paper gets stuck in between the cartridge holder.
  3. Misplaced cartridges
  4. Wrong paper settings with computer printer.
  5. Incompatible size of paper according to your printer paper setting.

Why Canon Printer Error P02 ?

As we have read above all the causes behind the error code P02. Thus we know when the ink cartridge holder gets stuck then we confront canon printer error P02. If the error will not be visible on your screen, then it will be quite difficult to get to the root of the issue. Showing error type is always helpful because it tells you the basic reason of your disturbed printer. If there will be no error, then we have to check the entire parts of the cannon printer manually and that job will get monotonous. The more time printer will consume to fix the more time delay you will have to face from your work. Thus the error is required to fix the printer furiously while it begins harming your printing tasks.

Canon printer error P02 is also necessary because it saves your printer to get completely dysfunctional. It saves your money as well as your time and your work too. The errors are like a tiny warning in other words prevention is better than cure. Ocassionally it becomes difficult to understand the reason behind the dysfunctional printer. Thus error makes the printer user-friendly. It helps you to know your printer when it requires cartridges to change, ink clogging problems, paper jams, and misplaced arrangement of cartridges. It makes your work simple and you also feel good to get solutions as you notice the error on your computer screen. Printer error helps you a lot to get rid of the entire printing complications.

Ways to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error P02

Likewise, there are a lot of methods to get rid of error P02. Few simple ways to resolve  canon error P02 are mentioned below:

  1. As we know already error P02 arises when there is an issue with ink cartridges. If we check the ink cartridge holder and align the cartridge holder in the correct ways so this could be a way to get rid of error P02. Wrong paper settings or unmatched paper settings can also be the cause for canon printer error P02. Thus if there is everything perfect with ink cartridges you may check the paper setting and make it relevant with the canon printer settings.
  2. Paper jamming is also a very common factor behind the error. Thus you should check your printer so that there must be no jammed paper that is creating problems to running printing device.
  3. The size or type of the paper must be matched from the cassette of the printer. If there would be a miss-match, then you may notice error P02 on your computer screen.
  4. Check the drivers, you are using to run the printer could be also a way to resolve the error. Ocassionally it happens wrong driver or wrong settings used in the driver may lead to an error. So as you will make the correction in the driver your printer will begin running smoothly and your error P02 will get resolved.
  5. Lastly when you have used all the tactics to resolve your printer you must restart your system. You may also shut down the canon printer for a moment if it is running for a long time. This also helps to troubleshoot the canon printer error P02

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