Troubleshoot Brother Printer Drum Error in a Moment

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Complete Guide To Fix Brother Printer Drum Error Easily

Brother is one of the leading printer manufacturing industries and popular around the world. These printers have very fast speed and work well. Brother inkjet printers are small in size and offer excellent printing quality. Users can also buy big-size laser printers for businesses. These devices are robust but yet run into errors occasionally. Users often receive the drum error while running the Brother printer. The error arises while installing the new cartridge.

Solutions To Resolve Brother Printer Drum Error

Restart the Brother printer

When the user obtains a drum error on the Brother printer, he must reboot the printer. Occasionally, the printer can’t get the cartridge and then begins showing the drum error. Users can try the power reboot of their printer. When your Brother printer is ON, detach the power cable. Then reconnect the cable and then the Brother printer will start automatically. Go to the connected system and then provide the printer command to examine for drum error.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Running the troubleshooter may fix the error. When the printer is getting an error because of the software then the troubleshooter can resolve it. Your Windows device has an inbuilt troubleshooter utility tool. Open the system and then open the Update and Security tab. Search for the printer troubleshooter and now run the tool. After running the troubleshooter, reboot your Brother printer and examine for the error.

Go for factory reset

You can also obtain the drum error because of the incorrect settings. Several times, users make some invalid changes on the Brother printer and then it gets into error. Factory reset of your printer. The entire settings will be reverted on the printer.

  1. Check the printer screen and visit Initial setup .
  2. Click on the Reset button option.
  3. Tap on Factory Reset.

Click on the Reset button and your Brother printer will restart. Now reconfigure the printer to PC or network using Brother Printer Default Password. After connecting, go to the computer and provide the print command to your Brother device.

Reinstall the cartridge

Whenever you obtain the drum error, check for the printer’s cartridge. Open the Brother printer and take out its cartridge. Then inspect the cartridge sides for pins. If the printers are tilted then resolve them cautiously. Confirm that the contacts are not damaged. Reinstall the cartridge on your Brother device and pins must be touching the contacts. Reboot the Brother device and examine whether the cartridge is available or not.

Refill the ink on your cartridge

Several times, the printer shows a drum error because of an empty cartridge. Open the printer and check ink status. Several people install the clone cartridge and then get into drum error. Occasionally, your brother’s printer can’t recognize the clone cartridge and begins showing a drum error. You have to change it with the real cartridge. Try refilling it with best quality ink. After refilling, reboot Brother printer and then take your printouts.

Repair Brother printer driver

The user must check for the driver when facing the drum error. Because of driver issues, the printer will begin showing many errors. Open your device and then inspect the installed Brother printer driver. Open Brother software and then find its corrupted files. User can try repairing Brother printer driver files only when he understands the steps. You can attempt the driver repair tool. The best solution to resolve printer driver errors is reinstallation. Open your device and then uninstall the corrupted Brother driver. Search for the driver of your Brother printer model and install it on the system. Try to take your printouts and then examine for the drum error.

Run a malware scan on the system

Brother printer drum issues can arise when the computer has a malware infection. Whenever the user tries to send a common print, the malware begins interrupting it and the printer gets into error. The error won’t be resolved until the user removes the malware from his device. Open the system and then check for the entire viruses. You must run the scan that can easily inspect and remove all the viruses from the device. Now reboot the system and connect to the Brother device for taking your printouts.

Consult Brother Experts For guidance:

Hopefully you would have resolved error code by now. In case if Brother printer drum error still persists, then no need to bother any more. Consult Brother experts available at Uspcsolutions so as to get best guidance to troubleshoot the error easily.




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