25 Benefits Of Blogging in 2021-22

Have you ever heard about Blogging? If you have never heard about blogging, then you should read this article completely because today I am going to give complete information about blogging of you people and about the benefits or benefits of blogging.

Whatever doubts you have in your mind, after reading this article, you will probably get the answer of all those questions. Very few people know about blogging because till date no one has provided complete information about it.

Today many people who are doing 9 to 6 jobs are not happy with their jobs because they are not able to work according to their wish, but are doing something that their company is asking them to do. There is no one to praise his good work.

Because the manager takes credit for everything. In such a situation, the desire to work ends in the same way. With this it is also very difficult to create balance in your Professional Life and Personal Life. With this you cannot do any work according to your mind.

In such a job, you do not get a chance to learn something new, due to which your ability to think also gradually decreases.

If I tell you that you can do all these things and with that you get paid for doing so, then you might not even believe in me. But this is absolutely true.

Before getting into blogging, you should know a little bit about it because I have seen many bloggers who start their blog but are unable to continue further because they lack patience.

Therefore, before starting any new thing, it is wise to get complete information about it. That’s why today I thought that I should tell you about the benefits of blogging so that you too have complete information about it. Then without delay let’s start and know about the benefits of blogging.

The Benefits of Blogging 

You all must have heard about blogging, but perhaps you have not heard about its benefits so well. So let us now know what are the benefits of blogging after all.

1. With this you can learn new things

The meaning of blogging is that people should know and learn by sharing all those things that you think in this world. This is to learn and share about all the things that you know about and something new that you learned about while reading about it.

When you create a new blog, then you will come to know yourself that how you are learning new things, about all those things about which you knew very little. For example, if you want to clean a cloth, then in the process of cleaning it, you also clean your own hands.

2. It Makes You Think More Clearly

Thinking clearly about anything and thinking of new ideas is also a very important skill in one’s life. And you are not taught about all these things in schools.

That’s why blogging fills this void or emptiness of yours and increases your ability to think even more.

This makes you think more deeply about the things around you, such as your relations, society etc. With this you also get a chance to discuss about any topic with others. With this you can know about your Strength and Weakness so that you can improve it.

3. This allows you to write better

They say that if you keep doing any work continuously, then you can master that thing. In the same way, if you are blogging, then by constantly writing about different things, you get mastery in writing. This automatically increases your writing ability.

4. This increases your Confidence Level further

I have seen many bloggers who were not so confident before but their confidence level has increased over time. This is a good thing for them.

With the help of blogging, you give voice to your opinions. Even if you are wrong but you give your opinion in all subjects. With this you are not afraid to make mistakes, but think that with the help of this you have learned something new and have rectified your mistake.

You must have received many such good and bad comments in your blog. Where you are not more happy with good comments, you do not lose your control with bad comments, such quality tells a lot in itself.

5. It Increases Your Expression Ability

If we read, write and think about anything again and again. So it is obvious that we will have more knowledge in that thing. In the same way, if we read about some topics of our blog, and share ideas, then it is obvious that we will have good knowledge in that topic and we can discuss it with anyone by being comfortable.

And this also increases our confidence level and we can share our ideas about it in a very large audience as well.

6. You can also earn money from this

Yes friends, it is absolutely true that you can earn very good money from blogging but for that you have to work very hard. There are many blogs that earn lakhs of rupees a month.

Therefore, the most important thing is that you have to be patient and do your work diligently. And the result of this you will definitely get one in.

7. You Can Be Very Useful to Others

If you want to help someone from your heart, then God also helps you. Yes friends, if you earn well from your blog, it becomes your responsibility to help people who are in dire need of help. Because in doing so these above also help you.

I have seen many such bloggers who help other needy with their share of income and in return God also helps them.

8. You do not need any Prior Knowledge to do Blogging

As in any other work, you should have an understanding of that thing beforehand, but it is not like that at all in blogging.

Anyone can learn it very easily. And the most interesting thing is that you can create your blog in just 15 minutes. For this no coding or technical knowledge is required.

9. It Challenges You Every Day

Who doesn’t like Challenges. We also keep facing challenges in our life continuously. We can recognize our true potential only by facing the challenges.

Because it is easiest to live in your comfort zone but you can never grow in it, while facing challenges and learning new things, you can elevate yourself.

Just like blogging gives you challenges every day, by which you can face and make yourself more capable.

10. It is absolutely free (or affordable)

Nowadays anyone can start a blog. The platform provided by Google is free, which is also called Blogger. At the same time, you can start your own blog by buying your own domain and hosting and that too at affordable rates.

11. Helps to Build Audience

It has often been found that people are more attracted from where they get to learn and understand something or simply say that from where they get some value. When you start a blog, from there you start providing value.

And slowly people come to your blog to learn something new. Due to this the capacity of your audience gradually increases.

12. You Can Help Others

If you want to help someone else in your life then you should start a blog. If you want to improve the life of others then you should start a blog.

Even if you want to inspire someone else, you should start a blog. If you want to bring any knowledge to millions of people for free, then you should start blogging.

13. It definitely affects other people

I am going to tell you such a true story, which you may also be impressed by listening. Two girls whose age is 9 years and 12 years. Both made a blog about the condition of their school. That’s how they have to go through bad learning conditions which people appreciated a lot.

And on seeing them both of them raised about 15 lakhs. Impressed by this blog, his school people brought the right changes in their school. And he spent this money in the repair of some distant village school. With this you can get an idea about the true power of blogging.

14. It Makes You Disciplined

You have to be Discipline with Blogging because people want good articles continuously. If this does not happen then they will stop coming to your blogs. That’s why blogging can make you a hard working man from lazy.

15. It Increases Your Credibility

Blogging increases people’s trust on you greatly, which also increases your credibility. You are always doing research, this also increases your understanding about any problem, so that you can help people better, which also affects your credibility.

16. It sharpens your observation

Blogging keeps challenging you constantly, due to which you have to see anything different from others. Where others call something normal, you change the perspective of seeing that thing by looking at the smallest details.

It is said that the things that people can never think about, you display those things from another point of view with the help of your observation. All these things happen only when you keep blogging continuously.

20. You’ll Be Happy

They say that money cannot buy happiness. With the help of blogging, you help others, which gives you a different comfort. This also increases your knowledge.

Due to which positivity comes in you. This is a feeling that is not easy to express in words. It gives you that happiness which money can never give.

22. Learn a lot new

When I first started blogging, I did not have much knowledge about domain names, hosting servers, HTML, social media, link building, SEO, blog design.

But while blogging, I slowly learned all these skills which I found useful later. Similarly, I have learned many more from blogging which I can use in my life.

23. This makes you a Content Creator

It is believed that only 1% are people who create new content on the Internet. The rest 99% of the people consume only these contents. And as our civilization is progressing, we need more such good content.

That’s why I request you that you should also become content creators and not content consumer. You get this facility from blogging and by helping others, you can make a different identity of yourself.

24. With this you can build a better network

I have made friends with many people whom others consider to be gurus, or coaches. Everything is given for blogging only. I have learned a lot from many such people and I have also taught many.

Many people consider me their role model and follow my blog regularly. With this I have created a very good network where we interact with each other and with mutual understanding we help each other.

25. It will make you immortal even after your death

As we know that all living things have to die one day or the other. We have to come in the same way. But it is said that writing survives even after many years of someone’s death.

But if you write well and publish it in front of the world then it will live for many years. And in such a situation, only with the help of blogging we can do this work and make our work immortal even after our death.

What did you learn today

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about the benefits of blogging. Hopefully people have understood about the benefits of blogging.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighborhood, relatives, your friends, so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me without any hesitation. I will definitely try to solve those doubts.


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